These are combination foils made of one aluminium foil and a further, thermo-plastic coating.
The thickness of the aluminium foil determines the level of resistance to water vapour.
Our compound aluminium foils were originally used for military packaging applications.
They were tested under particularly harsh climatic conditions.
Industry has since also decided to adopt these high-performance protective foils for long-term storage and export packaging.

Hermann Nawrot AG produces compound foils in line with the strict requirements of

military specifications such as:

• Embalaje militar para el almacenamiento a largo plazo según

   TL 8135-0003 - MIL PRF-131J - NF H 00-310

• Embalaje industrial y para exportación según DIN 55531

• Embalaje protector para productos químicos según DIN 55531

Outstanding Protection
Bonded protective cases made from the aforementioned compound offer outstanding
protection against damaging environmental influences such as:
• industrial emissions
• air containing salt water
• the free acids contained in the wood used to make crates
• dampness caused by electroplating baths 

The active chemical ingredient in NO-CORRO® is added by means of a special procedure. After creating a protective atmosphere inside the packaging, the NO-CORRO® molecules are deposited onto the surface of the metals. This ensures that even parts that are difficult to access, such as drill holes, inner threads, cracks and so on, are protected. This surface protection terminates corrosive chemical and electro-chemical reactions. After removing the NO-CORRO® products, the VCI film will evaporate without leaving behind any residues.

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plus NO-CORRO® for Experts

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