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Depending on the required level of protection, barrier materials can comprise two or rmore layers. The type of use will also determine the available seals.
We distinguish between simple wrap products, self-adhesive compound foils and sealable barrier materials.
 plus Wax papers and other papers simply coated or laminated on one side with plastic are simple wraps, for example. Such papers are also available with weave reinforcement or in a crinkle design as required. Our basic, fine, supple wax- and plastic-coated papers are used for direct wrapping of small to medium-sized export goods.
CORROFOL®           NEW

CORROFOL® enables significant improvement in handling.

USP: CORROFOL® revolutionizes sealing capabilities of VCI plastic foils

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HYPERKRAFT® bridges the gap between
plus waxed paper and high-grade plus compound packaging materials
in terms both of quality and price.

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C-FOLIE® (self adhesive wrap)
Our grease- and water-proof C-Folie barrier material was originally used for military packaging and is manufactured to the MIL-B-121 standard.
C-Folie is made of a plastic foil, a weave and a self-adhesive wax mixture applied to one or both sides as required.

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